Monday, November 5, 2012

Now Story!

What's your story? What is it that story you tell yourself that prevents you from being the best you you can be? The story that is on repeat, that can sound like an excuse or justification for why you can't "I can't do this because....".  The story that you always tell yourself and others about your life that is doing nothing to make it better. This story can be limiting, exhausting, and make you feel stuck. Or it can make you feel better, like a pacifier or comfort blanket. But we all change and grow and need to be constantly creating new stories for the body and life we are in RIGHT NOW !

The story that I tell myself that keeps me stuck involves money and doing what I love. I am stuck in the story that I have to earn money and that I have to earn it doing something that satisfies my body,mind spirit and emotions and my bank account. We live in a world that requires money, but I also live in a world that demands happiness. I have to make money to do what I love but I want to do what I love to make money...and so the story goes. I don't want to settle on a job just to make money. They have to go together for me.

I have found what makes me happy! Nia! Teaching Nia, living a sacred livelihood through the principles of Nia, learning the anatomy of the body, sharing the gift of living in a body I love~Nia! The trouble is, I am not earning any money.  Oprah always said if you do what you love the money will come....but dammit Oprah! I am still waiting.  I have found what makes me happy, what satisfies my spirit, calms my crazy mind, and makes me a better person~Nia. But, ugh, show me the money.

As a Nia teacher, my classes aren't as full as I would like them to be. I spend a lot of energy (and money) educating myself, learning new routines, anatomy, all the principles of Nia (so far). I want to be able to teach Nia and earn enough money to only teach Nia and continue to learn and grow with Nia. I am not doing that right now, money wise. Here's where the story kicks in. I should get a part time job to earn money and take the pressure off Nia having to be my income. But, if I do that, I will take energy away from Nia and I won't put as much into it as I want to. Working for other people drains my spirit.  But to continue to do Nia I have to earn money....and round and round I go! I have played out this story so many times, feeling stuck each time.

This is my story. My record that is on repeat. And it is exhausting.

So how do I change my story? Live in the now! Nia has taught me to live in my Now Body. I can take this idea and apply it to my story, and live in my Now Story. I don't need to keep retelling the past and stay stuck there. That story is no longer serving my greater good. What am I doing right now? What story am I creating, not re-telling?  Right now I am teaching 2 new classes that have people in them. I am focused on learning about the body through on-line continuing education.  Do I have enough money for today~right now? Yes! (shew) Am I doing my best?(I think this one is the key) Yes. Do I feel like I am doing all I can to make Nia successful in my life? Yes. So, what if that is my story~ Today I am learning and growing in my practice of Nia with enough money for today! Then, when tomorrow comes, I live out tomorrow's story. Live in my Now Life! And how exciting that my NOW story can constantly change and grow and shift!?!!

This is a challenge that I am ready to accept. It will not be easy. I have lived with this story my entire adult life, but I am ready to let it go. I am ready to be my best ~Right Now! How about you? What's your story that is keeping you stuck? Are you ready to let go and live in the Now?