Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrate Me Everyday!

                    Here it is, the week of my birthday. Another journey around the sun begins.

I feel there is a magic surrounding birthdays, an energy that was created to bring each beautiful spirit into the world. Parties, celebrations and well wishes are amazing! There is an extra energy and excitement around me during the week of my birthday, and there always has been! It is a day to celebrate me!

I don't however feel that it is the only day to celebrate me, or show me you love me or buy me a thoughtful gift! To realize this was one of the best birthday gifts ever.

When I have celebrated my birthday in the past, it was such a big deal(I blame it a bit on the zodiac). I needed lots of gifts, attention, cards and words of praise. I felt a huge pressure to have a perfect day on my birthday, after was MY day. I feel like I also passed that pressure along to those around me. Creating a high pressure situation to buy me the perfect gift, in the perfect package, at the perfect restaurant. If you really love me, then you will know how to make it perfect, right? Oh my, I was is not always perfect.

Then 2 years ago, I had a shift in thinking about MY day.  I remember walking around with my loving partner trying to find the perfect place to eat that would really celebrate ME. Should we go spend $200 on dinner, would that help me feel special on MY day? Should we eat somewhere we never have before? That would express a new adventure on MY day.  We walked around for at least an hour trying to get "perfect". It was terrible, dumb and tiring for both of us. What I really wanted to do was go home, slip into my pajamas, cuddle up and order a pizza...which is what we eventually did. (and of course it was great! Pizza with someone you love can never be wrong:)

But on that walk home, I sobbed and cried and felt totally sad and drained. Why did I need this perfect day? Why did I need so much attention on this day? Why did I put so much pressure on a single day? The answer was simple~I need those things all of the time and 1 day wasn't cutting it. I became aware of my need to be loved. I became aware of my need to receive gifts that were thoughtful. I became aware of what I needed!  I realized I needed those things to happen all of the time. I want to feel special, all of the time. I want each day to be a perfect celebration of life, whatever form perfect takes! This realization was my gift that year! And what a liberating gift it was! 

So now, everyday is MY day. I want you to love me everyday. I am special everyday. I accept cards, gifts, and words of praise any time someone wants to give them to me. Why do I need 1 day a year to receive love?  Everyday I am happy to be alive and thriving. I live my life creating a world where love is given and received freely. I use my awareness to listen to what I need, and seek it when I need it, not only on my birthday. And, I treat others the same. I love others as I want to be loved~everyday!

I still love my birthday, I feel there is an energy, a magic, and power surrounding the day I entered the world! But now, instead of the perfect day pressure,  my birthday can be a day of celebration, play, and love. But I do not need this 1 day to be the only day I am celebrated...celebrate me every day!!!!

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