Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fresh Green Tips!

Today, walking home from sharing Nia with my Thursday crew, I saw this lovely evergreen gracefully blocking my path. The branches were hanging down, dancing in the wind, waving it's new growth in my face. It's bright green tips were a visual representation of all the effort that tree has put in to growing....

"Here it is, World, my fresh, bright green, new growth. All of the work I have been doing is paying off! Ka-Pow~I am growing!!!"

So I wonder, what does my new growth look like?  It isn't bright green, but it's there.  I water, feed, and nourish my body, mind, spirit and soul encouraging constant growth. I won't block your path and force you to see it, but I hope when you look at me you always see my fresh green tips!

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