Friday, May 4, 2012

Be Persistent!

Today, there was a Pileated Woodpecker calling in our backyard. The Woody-Woodpecker laughter filled the air. And it filled my heart with joy!

Years ago, we lived in a lovely log cabin in the woods. While living there, I worked from home, creating jewelry. I developed a fondness for these giant woodpeckers. I would often hear them knocking and calling. I would see them right outside the window. One time, I saw a baby woodpecker, pecking the ground and pull a worm up from the earth. It was amazing and so cute. 

Then I began to see them and hear them all of the time, I mean all of the time. When I would go hiking, I would hear their laughter throughout the forest. I would see them flying through the trees. Once on a hike, a playful pair seemed to lead us up the trail with their undulating flight. No matter what forest I was in, they were there calling.

This made me think about the spiritual meaning of the Pileated Woodpecker. Was there a message in seeing these amazing birds so often? One things that immediately jumped out at me while researching, was that a Pileated  Woodpecker represented persistence. They will peck and peck until they find what they are looking for, that bug hiding under the bark. During my time at the cabin, I was really beginning my personal journey to self discovery and that was when I connected with the Pileated.  When I would be on a meditative hike and would hear the knocking, I would feel like I was on the right path. If I was questioning everything or thinking about quitting, I would hear their persistence. It became a great reminder to keep going.

I am going through a little struggle right now. I had to cancel one of my Nia classes this week. Not enough people were coming to pay for the space rental. I love teaching Nia and sharing the moves with everybody. So, to have to cancel a class feels sad. I want to teach my classes and grow my classes and this really feels like a step in the wrong direction. I am feeling frustrated.

And then I heard the Pileated. I walked outside of our downtown home, and there it was, right outside the back door, high in a Walnut tree. I stood there and watched as it called and cleaned itself. They have the greatest profile, with their wild red hair and long beaks.  It was awesome. And today, it was my reminder to be persistent~and I needed that. To keep knocking, keep pecking until I find what I am looking for.

 I find it is nice to have a reminder outside myself, that every single time I hear it, I say "thank you for the reminder".  

What's your version of the Pileated Woodpecker? Is there something outside of you, that when you see it, you are reminded of some lesson you need to learn? or are learning? The world can be full of cues, if we just pay attention.

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