Monday, June 18, 2012

Ordinary insect, extraordinary light

June has arrived and so has summer. A summer evening in Indiana is magical. The sounds, smells, and tastes are all somehow enhanced by the heat.  One of my favorite feelings in the world is being at one of dearest friend's farm, sitting on the patio looking out over her 15 acres of land. Drinking, eating, and feeling the humidity settle in on my skin, I sense peace. And as the sun goes down, the magic begins. Looking out over the fields, I can see the fireflies begin to flicker. Just one at first and then it is a field of flickering, floating, dancing lights. They are a community calling out to each other and lighting up the world in front of me.

To see a firefly up close during the day is not that impressive, it is just an ordinary looking insect,but once the sun goes down, it is their time to shine! They transform the night sky into a world of dancing, floating, flickering magic. Creating a world that seems to be outside of our reality, a world of wonder.

I am from Indiana, and have lived here most of my life (with a few brief exceptions) I think I look like I am from Indiana! I am tall, strong, sturdy. I have an open, welcoming face. I was recently in Portland, Oregon and a woman that was from the Midwest now living in Seattle said "You look like home to me". Just seeing me across the studio, she knew I was from the Midwest. While this doesn't sound very glamorous, it is true. I am not saying I am not beautiful, I just don't have any physical features that jump right out. I am an ordinary looking woman from Indiana.


I believe that I have an extraordinary light inside me, and when I am being authentic, it creates magic, light,and wonder.When you see me move, my light glows. When you see me smile, my light glows. When I wrap my arms around you in a compassionate hug, my light glows. When I dance Nia, my light glows. And when my light is glowing, I transform into an extraordinary woman from Indiana. And my light is calling out to my community....join me, find me, light up with me!

I believe everybody has a light inside them and when they learn how to make it shine, they become magical, powerful, attractive, amazing! What makes you glow? When do you light up? When do you become extraordinary?

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