Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why do I dance?

I recently saw a post on the "Conscious Dancer" facebook page asking the question "Why do you dance?" I don't know that I have ever answered that simple question. I have always just danced. I have had no formal dance training, but I get asked all the time about my dance background. My dance background includes dancing around the living room as a child to my Mom's Elvis records, dancing on my Junior High Drill team, and dancing at bars.I am always the 1st one on the dance floor. I just truly connect with my dancing spirit and always have. 

So why? Why do I dance? What is it in me that has always felt the need to move to the music? 

I dance to quiet the crazy in my head~movement is my medicine! This is at the top of the list for a reason!
I dance to have fun~Yahoooo!
I dance to let go~I can't hold on to negativity when my body is in motion.
I dance to feel free~I feel absolutely free when I am dancing.
I dance to escape~I leave the world behind and let my body get lost in the music
I dance to exercise~My heart rate is up, I am sweating, I am using allllll of my muscles!
I dance to create~My body is a work of art and I can use it to create a masterpiece with every song.
I dance to heal~Again, movement is my medicine! I have healed my aches and pains with movement.
I dance to inspire~I hope to inspire other people to find the joy of moving their amazing bodies.

When I found Nia, it was the perfect fit for my dancing spirit. Nia has given a form to my dance, but is still allows me the freedom of my own expression. By understanding how the body is designed to work, I can dance with knowledge and intention. There is science behind the dance. What a gift I have been given to know the joy of dancing in a body that I love, and that loves me and rewards me with the sensation of pleasure.  I love it everyday when I step in to a Nia class or my living room and dance~dance~dance.

Why do you dance? or Why don't you dance? I know not everybody feels the way I do. People dance for different reasons. Some people don't think they can dance at all or feel self conscious when they dance. I invite you to let those thoughts go, put on your favorite song and move however you want to move. I believe that dancing can change the way you feel about your body and your life. Moving your body to music, letting go for even 3 minutes a day CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! So I invite you to dance, in anyway you want, just dance ("it'll be ok....doo doo do do just dance":) 

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