Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Am Enough

I am constantly asked what else I do besides teach Nia. What an interesting question. I am asked by my students, friends, other Nia teachers~what else do I do? Do I have a day job?  I don't know that people would ask a lawyer what else they do. My chosen life path does not seem to be enough for other people. I think it might be the money or my lack of stress, but it is something that people don't quite understand.

This question has followed my around most of my working life. I live in a college town and there is a certain expectation that if you are a server in a restaurant, for example, you are also a student. It isn't enough for people that you are just a server. This expectation used to make me feel like I wasn't enough. I was working a creative job in retail and was embarrassed to say that was all I did. Or when I was creating my own jewelry line, I felt like I needed to be doing more and my answers would always dance around the question. I would always have some back-up answers like I am thinking about going back to school or I am also working on a website or.......they were honest answers, but only because I felt like I wasn't enough.

My negative reaction to this question came from my own self doubt. Even though I was working a job that satisfied me in many ways, I also felt like there was more. So when people would ask what else I did, I internalized it and made it personal. I was missing something and people were constantly calling me out, even though I don't think that was their intention. I didn't understand that my worth is more than my job. I do so much more than the thing that earns money. Then I stepped on my Nia path and things began to shift. My work and my life began to blend together into one beautiful work of art~my life! I was on the path to creating a sacred livelihood. (read this post to learn about my sacred livelihood) I have discovered my gifts and abundance and I no longer feel the sense of lack, I am enough.

I do not work a traditional job that earns buckets of money, and so people still ask me what else I do, the shift is in my answer and my body's reaction. I no longer feel a gut reaction to come up with more. I answer honestly what I do and don't need to fill the answer with "well....I'm working on this, maybe doing that" .  Now ,when people ask what else I do besides teaching life changing, healing Nia movement classes, my answer is living my life, being creative every day, continuing my journey through life, studying the body, building a community, playing, caring for our home, being a loving partner, and deepening my relationship with Nia.
Living a life I love is enough. I am enough.


  1. Beautifully said Angela! This resonates with me as well. I notice that I also feel the need to add more explanation to what I already do. I have the feeling that I should be doing more.

    It also made me wonder if I have ever asked you that. I probably have, but it was never from the perspective that Nia wasn't enough. I was actually wondering if I could do something like you're doing and still make enough money to survive. I'm looking for examples that show it is possible to follow my heart and prosper, and I want to know how you do it. Thanks for providing that example for all of us! It's inspiring!

  2. Thank you, Chris. What I had to do is redefine my idea of success and prosperity. I follow my heart and my passion and I am rewarded in many ways. Money is not my biggest reward. I have created a life where I don't need to earn a lot of money to live. I make enough to pay for Nia, but not much more and for me, that works. It has taken work to get to this point, but it has all been an effort to create a life I love. I wrestled with this same money question and once I found my passion, the money seems to work itself out. I have an amazing support, but we have worked together to create this life. I do believe it is worth the risk to follow your heart. I also believe you can earn as much money as you need to in order to follow that passion.

    I found that if I need extra money, opportunities present themselves in ways I couldn't imagine.Now, I can do other things that connect with my passion and they no longer feel like "a shit job". They feel like a path to freedom. Last summer I worked at the Farmer's Market. It is not teaching Nia, but it is connecting with my community, seeing smiling faces, supporting local businesses, celebrating the earth...all things that connect me with my self and my passion. And I earned a little money. Following my heart has created a shift in everything!

    I would love to talk more about this with you if you are interested!